Plant medicine can only be prescribed by an Australian registered health practitioner following a thorough assessment to decide if the treatment is appropriate for the patient’s condition. Some plant medicines are not presently on the ARTG and the doctor must apply to the TGA for approval to prescribe it.

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Step 1

The patient must talk to a doctor or specialist

Firstly, patients must speak to their doctor, specialist or authorised prescriber to be assessed for suitability to use plant medicine

Step 2

Suitability & Approval

If you (the doctor) believe a patient may be suitable for plant medicine, you can apply on the patient’s behalf to the TGA under the Special Access Scheme (SAS) or Authorised Prescriber (AP) pathway.

Step 3

The plant medicine prescription is sent to a pharmacy

Once the TGA has approved the use of plant medicine for the patient, the doctor will pass the prescription to a pharmacy.

Step 4

The patient collects their plant medicine or arranges home delivery

The pharmacist orders the product through a licensed pharmaceutical distributor. From there the patient can pick the doctors script at the pharmacy or arrange for it to be sent to their home directly

Path to prescription


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