We provide B2B flower for certain customers worldwide who believe in the organic approach to cannabis flower.


Our growing philosophy goes beyond organic.  Mother nature is our guide, so we don’t cut corners or take short cuts on perfection.  We believe in the health of our plants, our ecosystems, and our planet.  Our focus on regeneration and rejuvenation means we love compost and companions not fertilisers and pesticides to keep our soil alive.   When you grow organically and sustainably everyone wins, the planet, the growers, and the patients.  Frankly, we don’t understand why you would do it any other way.


It all starts with our wonderful mother plants, but they don’t stay young and healthy on their own.  We rejuvenate them every 4 months by taking the fragile plant stem cells called meristems, carefully bathing them in our proprietary nutrient jelly, and keeping them in a climate-controlled pest free environment until they are ready for planting.  This keeps our mums young, happy, and full of vigour.


Our female plants start their lifecycle as tiny rootless cuttings.  Like any newborn they need a delicate touch and lots of love. We wrap them in biodegradable coconut coir and nurture them with generous doses of sunlight. We ensure the perfect balance of heat and humidity so they can sprout their own roots and stand side by side with their sisters.

Living Soil Not Dirt

When you get right down into it, our living soil is what makes our beds buzz.  It’s an amazing micro ecosystem where organisms like nematodes, bacteria, and fungi work in unity to enrich the environment. We create a biosphere, where frogs frolic, mantis pray, and bees can be found humming away, which keeps our soil food web precisely balanced, so our seedlings thrive. 

Clean, Green and healthy

Our plants thrive in living soil.  So, we surround them with a perfectly balanced environment filled with favourable bugs to protect them.  They enjoy compost tea under the abundant sunlight and gentle breezes of the beautiful northern rivers region.  We dont use chemicals or non organic pesticides. There’s nothing we won’t do to keep them happy and healthy.


During this period the whole plant stretches, doubling in size, while flowers begin to burst forth from the nodes. As these beauties grow larger and larger, the greenhouse fills with the powerful aromas of cannabis flowers, while trichomes form going from milky white to an amber hue signalling to our attentive growers that the plants are ready for harvest.

Where our magic happens

Trichomes are our brilliant cannabinoid factories. These are the tiny delicate crystal-like structures that grow all over the flowers and are the shining stars of the cannabis world.  This is where the active ingredients and terpenes form during the flowering process. We try and preserve our flavours (no flushing!) these through our slow dry and cure process. This produces all the beneficial effects and smooth flavours of a organically grown and cured flower.

The Slow Finish

The curing shed is the special home where our flowers go to complete their journey.  Here we dry them slowly for 14 days so as not to harm the continuing development of precious trichomes, while promoting terpene maturation.  We control the heat and humidity, so they cure at the right pace. We even hand trim the flowers so you don’t have to deal with stems and stalks.  

Our sustainable organic beds

Our organic and regenerative philosophy bans the use of chemical fertilisers and pesticides. Instead, it guides us to rejuvenate the soil at the beginning and end of every cycle.  While our companion plants help protect the longevity of the soil, our nutrient and soil biology tests tell us precisely what to replenish to keep our living soil perfectly balanced and thriving. 

Our organic approach

Our organic approach to cultivation


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