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Let's take a closer look at nature's

cannabis flower

The cola is the premium flower cluster that forms along the upper portion of the main stem. Colas are composed of tightly woven teardrop-shaped buds.
Sugar leaf
Small leaves on the cannabis plant that buds form around as the plant matures and flowers. Sugar leaves are so named because they produce trichomes, which makes them look as if covered in sugar.
Fan Leaf
Fan leaves are the typically fingered leaves in cannabis plants. They are the bigger leaves that stick out of the plant.
Often referred to as a nug or bud, this image is actually an unpollinated female flower. The flower is the trichome covered part that contains a range of different compounds.
Calyx / Bracht
The calyx is what holds all of the juicy parts of the flower in a nice neat package. It is usually covered in resinous trichomes.
The part of the pistil where pollen germinates. The stigmas will start out white when the plant is still in its early flowering stage, but will turn amber or yellow, and ultimately brown, as the plant progresses through its flowering stage.
The pistil is the plant organ found at the centre of a flower that functions to receive pollen and produce seeds or fruit. This is where the long hairs called stigmas come from.


The active compounds found in the cannabis plant.  Each plant can produce around 100 different cannabinoids.


Terpenes are naturally occurring chemical compounds responsible for the aromas and flavours of certain strains.  


The crystal-like resinous glands on cannabis flowers that contain the plant’s cannabinoids and terpenes.

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