Organically grown cannabis contains no chemicals or salts and isn't flushed. When inhaled or smoked patients talk of smoother smoke and tastier notes. Its aromatic and full of flavour, our sustainably grown cannabis is a true reflection of the organic process we derived from nature.

Sun Grown

Evidence has shown than sun grown cannabis has a higher terpene expression than indoor cannabis based on the full spectrum of the sun. This provides better flavours and potentially more pronounced effects alongside THC or CBD


Welcome to the bloom boom.  During this period the whole plant stretches, doubling in size, while flowers begin to burst forth from the nodes. As these beauties grow larger and larger, the greenhouse fills with the powerful aromas of cannabis flowers, while trichomes form going from milky white to an amber hue signalling to our attentive growers that the plants are ready for harvest.

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Living Soil

When you get right down into it, our living soil is what makes our beds buzz.  It’s an amazing micro ecosystem where organisms like nematodes, bacteria, and fungi work in unity to enrich the environment. We create a biosphere, where frogs frolic, mantis pray, and bees can be found humming away, which keeps our soil food web precisely balanced, so our seedlings thrive. 

Where the magic happens

Trichomes are brilliant cannabinoid factories. These are the tiny delicate crystal-like structures that grow all over the flowers and are the shining stars of the cannabis world.  This is where the active ingredients, cannabidiol (CBD), Delta-9 tetrahydrocannabidiol (THC) and terpenes form during the flowering process. This potent trifecta produces all the beneficial effects and smooth flavours of a perfectly grown and cured flower.

The Slow Finish

The drying and curing stage is vitally important for THC and terpene preservation. In our temperature and humidity controlled rooms we hang dry them slowly, for 14 days, so as not to harm the continuing development of precious trichomes, while promoting terpene maturation.  We control the heat and humidity, so they cure at the right pace. We even hand trim the Superbly flowers so you don’t have to deal with stems and stalks.  

Leaving just time to make our beds

Our organic and regenerative philosophy bans the use of chemical fertilisers and pesticides.  Instead, it guides us to rejuvenate the soil at the beginning and end of every cycle.  While our companion plants help protect the longevity of the soil, our nutrient and soil biology tests tell us precisely what to replenish to keep our living soil perfectly balanced and thriving. 

Why does organic Matter


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